TAMPERSAFE™ Tamper Evident Security Labels Blue

TAMPERSAFE™ Tamper Evident Security Labels Blue
Tamper Evident Security Labels

Colour: Blue

High quality security/tamper evident Labels

Designed to stop theft and tampering to confidential or valuable goods acting as both a visual deterant and practical warning of tampering

Used in hundreds of industries including

Stock Control
Airline security
Equestrian (racing-horse sperm protection)
Police Forensics
Education (exam paper tamper ID)
Food & Drink
Legal/Insurance (document tamper ID)

Label Size: 38mm x 38mm

Approx 500 label per roll (not exact)

Tamper Evident Labels are a fantastic deterrent and give added protection to products. The Labels can be used to secure many items while in transit and also sensitive materials including drugs, evidence, documents, medical samples and much more
Our tamper evident labels show a clear indicator if the goods have unfortunately been tampered with by way of VOID message being left behind when the label is removed

We can custom print tamper evident labels and tapes with your own logos etc

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