Correx® (corex) Corrugated Plastic Made To Order

Correx® (corex) Corrugated Plastic Made To Order
corrugated plastic (corex, correx®) and has literally hundreds of uses ranging from temporary floor protection to making guinea pig cages

Our manufacturing plant can make Correx® Corrugated Plastic to your exact specification including;

- Any size
- Any thickness upto 10mm!
- Any colour
- Any shape
- Small minimum quantities
- Fast turn-a-round
- Competitive prices

Corex Corrugated Plastic offers so many benefits to traditional materials such as cardboard

Give us a call to discuss your requirements today on 01268 768 768

Correx® Corrugated Polypropylene Plastic is a simply superb and versatile product which can be converted into a huge number of products including; Pick bins, Racking units, Storage boxes, Drawers, Shelving units, Fabricated box/ fabricated boxlite, Tote box, Produce box/ tray, KD welded carton, Garment carrier, FEFCO standard packaging, Dividers and fittings, Layer pads, POS Display, FSDUs, Recycle Bins, Desk tidies, School and University Exam Desk Dividers for Privacy and to Stop Cheating, Worktop Protection, Bulk containers (Akyboard™), Sheet (graphics, van lining, temporary floor protection sheet etc.) and so much more, call us for ANY requirement you have on 01268 768 768
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