Sticky Shield® Adhesive Carpet Protector 600mm x 50m Great Protection

Sticky Shield® Adhesive Carpet Protector 600mm x 50m Great Protection
Product: StickyShield® Adhesive Carpet Protection Film

Size: 600mm wide x 50 metres long (many other sizes available)

Box Qty: 1 Roll

Colour: Clear with Green Print

Grade: Heavy Duty Puncture Resistant Protection Film with Low Tack Peelabale Adhesive Backing

Adhesive Backing:Sticky on the outside of the film so you simply unroll, no dispenser required! Although does work with our dispensers for bulk users if required

Print: StickyShield® Logo and the words "Carpet Protector" in green, colour coded for peace of mind


This is an ideal size carpet protector for contractors work bags

The StickyShield® range of self-adhesive protection films are the leading brand due to their exceptional quality. Unlike many of our competitors who sell imported plain films which have no traceability as to where it was made or came from. StickyShield® is a branded product, a brand you can trust. StickyShield® is also colour coded for ease of use, stopping your contractor from applying one of our films to the wrong surface!

StickyShield® is similar to dust sheets, however StickyShield® is supplied with a low tack adhesive allowing you to simply stick to your desired surface where it will stay until you remove it. This makes it much safer to walk and work on than traditional dust sheets of the past, forming a protective "skin" over the desired surface that will not budge even when walking on

Applying StickyShield® protection films to all surfaces ensures that damage normally caused by paint and liquid spills, mortar, foot traffic and dirt is prevented, once your project has finished simply peel off StickyShield® to reveal a perfectly clean surface). StickyShield® should be applied at room temperature and is recomended to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.

StickyShield® Carpet Protector (green print) is suitable for many carpets but we do not recommend it on wool or long pile carpets. The 600mm wide version is also ideal for stairs!

important - No supplier of adhesive protection films can offer a warranty in the unlikely event that any residue is left on your carpet, even if the product is found to be faulty we will only replace the faulty goods. Therefore please ensure you thoroughly test the product as responsibility is with the customer. Stickyshield® is not recommended for every type of surface and carpet, if glue is left we can advise the recommended cleaning methods only. We sell massive quantities of StickyShield® each week and enjoy extremely positive comments from our customers compared to other brands they have used
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