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Are you using Vehicle Reflective Tape Correctly?

12/10/2017 15:26:36: Since new regulations in 2011, it is essential that you correctly utilize Reflective Vehicle Tape to avoid a serious legal dispute and keep your vehicles and staff safe. Call 01268 768 768 for more info!

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We are the Gaffa of Tapes!

27/09/2017 14:30:16: Gaffa Tape is one of the most versatile Tapes on the planet, loved across the world. Find out more about this multi-use Self Adhesive Tape

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New Magnets and Magnetic Products Buying Guide

20/09/2017 12:23:29: Indigo and Polarity Magnets have been supplying Magnets and Magnetic Products for over 20 years. We will beat any UK price, simply give one of our friendly sales team a call on 01268 768 768 now. We hope you find our buying guide useful

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Pallet Wrap - We won't Stretch Your Budget!

18/09/2017 13:27:29: As leading suppliers of Pallet Wrap, Stretch Film and associated products we are the UK's number 1 choice for genuine PIFA approved materials guaranteeing your length and thickness!

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We Leave The Competition In The Dust!

14/09/2017 13:10:36: Keep your company clean with Indigo's range of professional cleaning supplies and cleaning materials!

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Protect Your Company From Theft!

11/09/2017 13:24:19: Theft during transit is all too common, our Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels can help you keep on top of thieves...

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We'll keep you on your feet!

07/09/2017 14:37:24: Indigo have some fantastic deals across their range of Anti Slip Tapes and Non Slip Products, get in touch today on 01268 768 768!

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Have you tried 3M Dual Lock?

29/08/2017 16:16:24: Many people have never heard of 3M Dual Lock, maybe its about time you did! This extra heavy duty re-closable fastening system is unique but very useful

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Why Pack Wrong when you can Pack Right?

29/08/2017 12:37:57: For over 20 years PACKRIGHT has been the preferred brand of Packaging Supplies across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Indigo own the PACKRIGHT brand which is a registered trademark. We work with our customers to find the right packaging solution meeting all your needs, deadline and budget.

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Our magnetic prices are always attractive

22/08/2017 13:33:17: For a whole world of neodymium magnets and flexible magnetic products including labels, sheet, sheeting, paper and tape look no further. You can buy our magnets online and even buy just one magnet if you like or a million! We are here to help and give our customers the very best service and prices within the industry! Call 01268 768 768 now

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We supply ALOT of Tape!

26/07/2017 14:26:56: Not all our Tapes can be bought online! The list below gives you a better idea of our range, otherwise call us on 01268 768 768

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Polythene Sheeting

12/07/2017 13:18:25: Our Polythene Sheeting division is Expanding!

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Xmas 2016

23/12/2016 15:14:41: Happy XMAS & New Year from all at Indigo!!!

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Brand New Catalogue

15/03/2016 12:30:44: Our latest Catalogue is now available hot off the press. To request your free copy simply Call 01268 768 768. A world of industrial materials at your fingertips!

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Corrugated Plastic Floor Protection

11/01/2016 14:55:24: Buy Corrugated Plastics direct, we can beat any UK price!

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Builders Board® Breathable Floor Protector

18/03/2015 17:36:14: Super heavy duty breathable and spill resistant floor protection. 1.2mm thick!!

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Rhino Board® Temporary Floor Protector

14/01/2015 16:13:47: A unique floor protector offering superb protection at an affordable price

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Save ££'s On Your Heating Bills!

16/12/2014 14:01:09: Now is the time to keep the heat in!

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New 2015 Catalogue!

10/12/2014 12:42:30: Hot off the press is our brand new 70 page catalogue with more products and lower prices accross the board. Order your free catalogue now by calling 01268 768 768

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Preparation is Everything!

03/09/2014 14:23:43: Don't forget to use our surface preparation cleaner before applying any of our self-adhesive tapes! All traces of dirt and grease must be removed to ensure a strong bond!

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Are You An Exhibitionist?

16/07/2014 12:11:39: Here at Indigo we have been supplying the exhibition, display and point-of-sale industry for well over 15 years. Our products include hook and loop fasteners for mounting graphics and signs on display boards, loop nylon display felt, magnetic tapes, bubble wrap and various adhesive tapes. We are pleased to announce one of our popular products, our "NEC Approved Double Sided Carpet Fixing Tape" has reduced in price making us the cheapest supplier in the UK! Our NEC Tape is a double-sided, low tack tape, allowing you to fix carpets directly onto exhibition hall floors, without leaving a glue residue when removed. Prices now start at just £3.70 per roll Call 01268 768 768 for more info...

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Toffee Tape - "and no you can't eat it"

28/02/2014 11:04:32: toffee tape - the best double sided sticky tape around!

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StickyShield Adhesive Protection Films

25/02/2014 12:07:54: StickyShield is the UK's leading range of Temporary Surface Protection Films for Carpets, Windows, Hard Floors and all Hard Surfaces such as Sanitary Ware, Kitchen Cupboards, Worktops and much more. Dont trust plain, unbranded films which have no traceability when it goes wrong, with StickyShield you are dealing with a brand you can trust, a brand which is proven, trusted and willing to put its name on the line, everytime. StickyShield is also completley colour coded( Red, Green and Blue), ensuring contractors always stick the right film on the right surface to be protected. StickyShield sticks to the desired surface creating a polythene "skin" of protection while any type of refurbishment is taking place, yet is easily removed without leaving a glue residue, just a perfectly clean, scratch free surface, as good as new! Call one of our friendly sales team on 01268 768 768 and ask for a "free sample" to see how StickyShield can help your business prevent damage and avoid costly clean-ups!

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Sales Department Expansion!

01/01/2014 18:37:08: Thanks to our loyal customers we are expanding and a brand new sales office, four times that of our existing is due to be finished this month. We now have various tele-sales vacancies, so if you have experience within our industry, give us a call on 01268 768 768, isnt it time for a change?

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08/08/2010 18:37:08: Since 1998 we have been doing our utmost to obtain an indigo.com, indigo.net or indigo.co.uk domain name, however these were taken long before we were formed so they have been impossible to register. We are now very happy to announce that we were one of the first to register www.indigo.co which is the new dot com. We got in fast and the domain went to auction with many other hopefuls, however we placed a strong bid which fortunately was too high for anyone else to get near and we were awarded the domain very recently. We have also instructed our web designers to completely update our online store including its ease of use and appearance. Customers new and old should find that navigating the site and ordering are much simplified, enjoy!

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Updated Indigo Logo

08/01/2010 18:37:08: Our logo has been given a facelift for 2010.

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New Additional Premises

07/01/2010 18:37:08: Today we were given the keys to our new 10,000 sqft warehouse and office space which is in addition to our existing premises! We will now work from both premises which are located in Wickford, Essex. We have increased our stocks of Correx and Self Adhesive Protection Films already, with other products to follow, plus we are now looking to expand our sales team, so if you are a talented sales person with experience in our industry, get in touch!

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Ten Year Anniversary

04/01/2008 18:37:08: Today we celebrated our 10th birthday and what a 10 years it has been. We have certainly had our ups and downs, but with the support of our customers and staff we have managed to grow each and every year, thank you!

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