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Protect Your Company From Theft!

Protect Your Company From Theft!

Published: 11/09/2017 13:24:19

Tamper Evident Tape

Tampering with goods during transport has alarmingly increased in the UK but also in the world. Companies register millions of pounds in losses because these tamperings are hard to detect and prove. traditional Parcel or packaging Tapes can be easily removed and reapplied without leaving a trace behind, especially for someone that knows how to do it which makes it very difficult to detect and often when you do realize that it has been opened, it’s already too late. With transported packages, for example, you most likely detect a problem when you are at home or work when you open the package, which can lead to a lot of problems and difficulties.

Here is where Tamper Evident Tape comes along. It’s a special Packaging Tape that prevents pilfering of your goods but also makes it instantly visible if the package has been opened. It has a special matrix print on it, so when the tape is removed, it leaves immediately the words “Void Opened” on the box. It’s impossible to put it right back and create a match for the matrix without noticing it has been tampered. It’s an instant indicator as soon as you lay your eyes on the package or envelope that you transported.

It’s extremely useful when you sent packages using a postal or courier service. If the package has been tampered with, the person receiving it can instantly notice that it has been tampered and can refuse to accept the package. But very often the Tamper Evident Security Parcel Packaging Tape will keep your packages safe as most people will refrain from trying to tamper with a package that uses Tamper Proof Tape.

This is because it will be very obvious this package has surface structural damage. But this Tape is not good at only protecting your goods in transit. It can be applied to a massive range of surfaces, starting from plastic, paper, metal, card, glass and much more. You can use it seal everything you want. I saw a case when a clever mum used this tape to keep away her children from her favourite closet. She was thrilled about this Tape, but her kids were not.

It’s also extremely useful when you are transporting or depositing valuable items. It can even be applied on envelopes to protect your precious data or documents. If you need to send a private envelope to someone, you can use this Tape to seal the envelope. You can place it on the drawer where you deposit things that you don’t want people to take a peek at. This Tamper Proof Tape works great even for military, forensic intelligence, logistics monitoring, medical packaging seals, banking and aviation security, protection of electronic goods and many other ways. Whatever you need to seal, this Security Void Tape does the job.

The Security Tape works great in many situations when you want to have the peace of mind of knowing that your goods are not being checked without your permission. It can have a clear warning on the tape that specifies it will leave marks if removed, and this discourages every theft attempt of opening your package.

This Security Proof Packaging / Parcel Tape is high-quality strong Polyester on the back, with a Solvent Acrylic adhesive. It’s very resistant even to high and low temperatures, and that means that your goods are protected during transportation regardless the weather. You can be safe that it will withstand the journey and will keep your goods safe, every time.

Our Tamper Evident Security Tapes come in a variety of widths and colours, and you can also customise the logo or text that is displayed on the Tape. You can, for example, write there “Property of x” and have your companies logo clearly printed adding a professional touch to your company and spreading your brand.

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